Pre Rolls

5 Pack Blunts

Enjoy 5 perfectly barred blunts with 1 gram of house flower each for just $20!!!

Pre Rolled Blunt

Enjoy a pre rolled blunt of house flower! Only $5!

XL 5 Pack Cones

5pk of Perfectly Rolled Cones!

Kief & Wax Bar

PREROLL EACH 10 .00 This work of art is drizzled head to toe with a Wax, a layer of Kief frosting around 1 gram of Flower! All together you get: 1 Gram Of Flower .25 Grams Wax .25 Grams Kief Bar'd perfectly in a Blunt that lasts longer than any pre-roll on the menu! Beginners beware... This one's a knockout!!!

5 Pack of Kief & Wax Bars

Enjoy 5 - 1 Gram Of Flower Drizzled Head To Toe In Wax-Kief and Rolled In A Perfect Bar, This Blunt Burns For 45 Mins To an Hour EVERY TIME! If you can't finish this in one sitting, don't worry many can't, that's why it comes with the smell proof tube to store until your next session! Happy Smokin' ;D